About Us 

Artychoke is a unique fashion and lifestyle label creating products inspired by and infused with original art. While it is a celebration of art & design, it enables eco-consciousness by not using any animal products. This label is created and owned by a trio who combine their talents to create this remarkable harmony.
Pragya, the artist; Anugya, a lawyer; and Ila, an art curator and gallerist; who also happen to be mother-daughters trio, decided one day to whip up some cushion covers based on Pragya’s art. The journey has been a tremendous one starting with home accessories going into furniture, fashion accessories and now apparel as well. Their collaborative skills have made the brand classy, sassy and fun at the same time. Artychoke also has a wedding line with exquisite wedding cards and gifts based on art for the ones with taste for the extraordinary.
This label was born where prints fragments of art are transferred on to fashion and home accessories. This way the art lovers get to acquire something artistic that is affordable and valuable at the same time! All products are made in India with authentic Indian materials and are of international standards. Keeping Indian Artisans employed and encouraging these artisans to remain in the field where their skill lies is something Artychoke stands for. With Much Pride team Artychoke says – We are “Made in India”.